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Our facials are customized to personally address your skin care needs and achieve vibrant, healthy skin. For best results, we recommend a detailed skin analysis and consultation prior to resurfacing procedures like Microdermabrasion and our Glycolic and Teen facials. Your skin care specialist will design a specific program including a home care regimen to maximize your spa experience and provide long-term benefits.

Our facials include: cleansing, exfoliating, steam treatment, extractions, massage and moisturizer for yours skin type


 iLike Organic Facial 
Our signature spa facial. Imported from Hungary, this facial is packed full of vitamins and nutrients, beneficial for all skin types. 100% whole fruits and vegetables       $82




  Vitamin C Facial
Beneficial for all skin types. Anti-aging facial rejuvenates, firms the skin and fades deeper lines     $98

Corrective Facial

Deep pore cleansing, customized treatment to correct specific problems       $96

Basic 30-Minute Facial

Great boost to at-home skin care regimen or after laser treatments or peel. Does not include extractions       $55

Teen Facial
(30 Minutes for teens only)
Specialized for teenage skin problems, ages 13-19. Deep pore cleansing, includes extractions    $65

Four-Layer Facial
Premier anti-aging treatment that dramatically rejuvenates and tones for younger looking skin with visibly renewed moisture with an afterglow that lasts      $98

Men's Grooming Enzyme Facial

Customized deep pore cleansing and brow grooming      $96

Eye Around Remedy
A parsley and cucumber treatment to cool tired, puffy eyes and ease lines.     $30
With facial.  $20

  Glycolic Peel

Makes skin appear noticeably firmer, brighter, more translucent; evens skin tone. Significantly decreases appearance of fine lines & wrinkles      $98


Ilike AHA Peeling Treatment

Organic alpha hydroxy treatment increases metabolism by stimulating circulation collagen formation. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles; evens skin tone     $105


Baby Boomer Peel
Our most aggressive peel. Peels given Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Back to work on Monday. Strongly recommend home care follow-up kit       $295     Add kit     $49

Aggressive Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

25% AHA Peel for those who are currently using Glycolic Skincare. $130

Alpha Hydroxy and Paprika Resurfacing Facial

Exclusive to Complexions, this natural fruit and paprika peel is the first all organic fruit peel.  A highly active detoxifier and oxygen booster. $105


Our oxybrasion treatment uses natural salt instead of synthetic crystals. A stream of fine crystals exfoliates the resurfacing area, which is followed by a soothing mask to help tone down redness and calm the skin. Ideal for irregular skin tones, acne scarring, and refining large pores, lines and wrinkles. $130 (includes face and neck); add décolleté $25


For a vibrant healthful look that lasts, we offer the following packages specifically designed for the face.

Clinical Maintenance
(One session per week) $320

Session #1 Vitamin C Facial

Session #2 Glycolic Peel

Session #3 Microdermabrasion

Aggressive Resurfacing
(One session per week) $500

Session #1 Glycolic Peel with Microdermabrasion

Session #2 Glycolic Peel

Session #3 Glycolic Peel with Microdermabrasion