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Swedish Massage
Full-body massage utilizing long, flowing strokes. Helps reduce tension, increases circulation and induces relaxation
(30 minutes) $55
(50 minutes) $82 / Couples $184
(90 minutes) $125

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
Full-body massage using slower strokes and deeper compression for a more intense massage
(30 minutes) $60
(60 minutes) $97 / Couples $214
(90 minutes) $147

Aromatherapy Massage
Combines Swedish massage with essential oils to restore balance and energy, reduce stress and tension, or detoxify the body
(50 minutes) $88 / Couples $196

Thermo-Stone Massage   Total relaxation!
Soothing massage utilizes heated lava stones with gliding strokes and compression to aid tight muscle release
(60 minutes) $97 / Couples $214
(90 minutes) $142

Pre-Natal Massage

For the mother-to-be and the baby too, who will feel the relaxing effects of massage within the womb. Gentle, soothing strokes and careful positioning help relieve the added stress placed upon the mother's body

(60 minutes) $98



Melts tension in calves and feet and improves blocked energy pathways, stimulates healing and relaxes tension throughout the body.
(30 minutes) $50



A vichy (pronounced ve-she) shower uses multiple showerheads and a wand manipulated by the technician so that water cascades above the treatment table onto the guest. 

Sedona Red Clay Body Masque
Uses organic mud with minerals.  Our most effective antioxidant and Anti-aging Treatment 
(50 minutes) $118

Green Clay Algae Wrap
Warm Clay Algae is smoothed over to encapsulate the body. Followed by a thermal blanket wrap to detoxify and draw out impurities. (50 minutes) $118

Seaweed Body Slimmer (Great for the Bride-to-Be)
Body slimming and contouring treatment. Great for cellulite. Combines peppermint oil with harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin. Improves water retention and circulation. Cannot be combined with vichy shower. (50 minutes) $98

 Body Treatments

Some of Complexions' body treatments include a vichy shower (pronounced ve-she). A vichy shower is a wet treatment using multiple showerheads so that water cascades above the treatment table onto the guest. The full treatment typically includes a body scrub or massage application provided concurrently with the shower. Note: At times the Vichy Shower may not be availiable at time of booking services.  If this is such the case a $20 credit will be given to you for the service.






Green Tea Body Polish Treatment

Sea salts are massaged over the entire body, followed by a vichy shower rinse.   $98 

Include a 30 min extended massage for $151

Soy Protein Exfoliating Body Polish

Paraben-Free body polish.  Microscopic granules provide a gentle exfoiliating action. Treatment includes the vichy shower (50 minutes) $115

Bioglycolic Body Scrub Treatment

For deeper exfoliation to combat dryness and discoloration of the skin.

(45 minutes) $95, w/vichy $115


Self Tanning Application
Dry brush exfoliation followed by self-tanning application.
(40 minutes) $78

Biolgycolic Polish & Bronzing Treatment

Body exfoliation treatment and self-tanning application

(60 min) $115,  with vichy $135